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We help watch enthusiasts access the largest range of pre-owned watches in the UAE, and save 15%-35% on dealer markup. For just 5-6 AED per watch, you get the private seller's direct contact details along with our full Buyer's Guide to help you buy with confidence.

  1. Browse the Full Catalogue
  2. Add watches to your Watch List
  3. Checkout and pay the Connect Fees*
  4. Receive your Watch List, Buyers Guide and Seller Details by email

*Connect fees are set at 5 AED +0.001% of the watch's list price. This is usually 5-6 AED per watch.

Watch no longer available? Or not as described? - we will refund the fee paid and remove the listing



The UAE's only 100% free marketplace for sellers, list one watch or an entire collection at no risk. Your contact details remain private, and are only shown to buyers who pay a small fee to connect. This reduces time-wasting so you can focus on the real deal!

  1. Complete the Listing Form 
  2. Once approved, your watch will appear in our Full Catalogue
  3. Once a genuine buyer is interested, they can contact you by your chosen method
  4. Just resubmit the Listing Form to make any changes to your listing

Any listings placed are good-till-sold, there is no time limit on our listings. You are welcome to still advertise your watch elsewhere - but do remove it if no longer available.




This platform was developed in 2022 to help genuine watch buyers connect with private sellers in the UAE.

It is designed with watch enthusiasts in mind, to solve some of the issues found in the existing methods of advertising a watch for sale, and communicating with potential buyers.



We wanted to create the best watch marketplace in the UAE, and though some exist already, they generally work in the same way:

- Private sellers pay a fee to list their watches

- Buyers can access their contact details for free

Those sites will also connect buyers to sellers, but the fact that sellers' contact details are on display to the general public makes it far too easy for non-genuine buyers to contact them, send ridiculous low-ball offers, call at inconvenient times, cold-call for random investment opportunities and worst of all - try to scam them. 

So we had to think outside the box - how to protect sellers from all these issues, and encourage genuine buyers and enthusiasts to come together in an efficient way. 



Firstly, our platform is 100% free for sellers - there is no "Free Trial" as it'll always be free to list your watches, you can even list your entire collection with zero risk.

Because it's free for sellers, naturally this will become host to the largest collection of pre-owned watches in the UAE - why wouldn't a seller want to list their watch here?

This creates a one-stop-shop for buyers looking for pre-owned watches in the UAE, and will therefore become, the largest marketplace of its kind.

So how do we stop the low-balls, time-wasters and potential scams?

Our method is so simple that we wondered why it hasn't been done before - rather than asking the sellers to pay a fee to list their watch, we charge the buyers a small fee to connect with the sellers. 

If someone finds a watch they genuinely want to buy on our site, they will pay just 5-6 AED to access the sellers' details - if they were here to try to scam someone, or aren't really interested at the asking price, then they wouldn't pay to get those details. It's simple.

Once connected, buyers and sellers can still negotiate on prices, inclusions, payment terms and so on, but the seller will know the buyer has had to pay for their details already - so they have taken that first important step. 

With each connection made on our platform, buyers also recieve our Buyer's Guide. This short document is designed to highlight everything both buyers and sellers should know when dealing with watches in the UAE - it includes notes on how to accurately value a watch based on real market data, tips on negotiation, and how to verify a watches authenticity in the UAE. 

Our site is simple - no external ads, just a clean layout designed specifically for watch listings, buyers can quickly and easily filter by brand, location, inclusions and see all available options - and their most important details in just a few clicks. 

It's easy for sellers too - just complete a short form, add one good photo and you're on board. 

All of this combined should lead to the #1 marketplace for both buyers and sellers, where everyone benefits through quality connections and a bustling marketplace with a huge range of watches available for sale. 

Are dealers welcome? Yes - we don't discriminate between a dealer, watch store or private seller - this platform is free for all sellers. As it grows, dealers and stores may need to adjust their prices as there will likely be private sellers offering similar models without a retail markup, this will eventually benefit the whole market through stronger competition. 


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